Module 5

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For my final project I am creating the basics of a portfolio. I want to create a home page, a resume page and one more page for my writing. I am looking at a few color schemes right now, one blue and one green, I have mock ups of both but haven’t decided which one to use yet. I also plan to use a banner image to base my site off of, I have a few ideas and am in the process of deciding that as well.

Color Scheme Ideas:


Module 4 Problems

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I’m having a little trouble workings out all of the kinks in Module 4. I was working with DreamWeaver and trying to figure out all the CSS issues and I kept getting confused. I’m not sure that there was one particular problem, because I cant really pinpoint it. I guess that I’m not really sure the exact look that I would like my blog and portfolio to have and I had some trouble following the tutorials. I’m not sure if we have enough time in class, but if we do maybe we could just quickly run over CSS one more time?

Module 4 Ideas

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The most important part of my WordPress I want to change is the color scheme. I plan to change it to something with pink and black, and also provide a background image if CSS allows for that. I am still sort of confused on CSS so it might take a little while to play around and figure everything out.
I have a few questions though. With changing the  CSS, does the entire layout change, or just parts of the design?

If we want to change the site to reflect our portfolio, what changes to we need to make? Features

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Twitter is a website that is constantly updating with user posts, comments and replies. There is a section in Twitter where users can reply to another user by tying @ followed by the users name. One feature that Twitter does not have is a notification when someone replies to your post using the @ sign. Often times, people have replied to one of my posts, but I cannot find out unless I am constantly clicking on the link that sends you to a page where all the replies are together. Even though Twitter is not something that needs to be very urgent and notify you of every post, I think it would greatly benefit its audience. Twitter allows 14o words per post because its users are a generation of fast-paced people of many ages who would rather not sit around create essays in the blogging world. A quick feature to notify its users would be great appreciated, and utilized.

Module 3 Questions

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I had a few questions regarding Module 3.

1.If I don’t have any software on my computer for creating websites, what is the best way to go about it?

2. Do we turn in a recap of the site and why it was bad in the first place, or just the redesigned site?

Color and Food

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In class, we had discussed the use of the color blue in the IHOP restaurant chain. As their main color, IHOP uses a lot of blue on their website. As we learned in class the color blue has been known to suppress hunger. As a restaurant, I think it is important for IHOP to change their colors. This will be another important choice, they need to be careful not to use bright or offensive colors. If it was my choice, I would use dark orange as a main color. Orange generally elicits joy  and energy. If IHOP is really set on that particular blue, they could use it as an accent color. We discussed how IHOP is one of the only food chains that uses that color blue, clearly there is a reason. IHOP should learn more about color usage and make sure they know the messages they are sending to their customer base.


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Often times I find that when I reach a website that has a lot of information to read, the text usually requires you to scroll sideways. It seems that whenever a Professor links to a site that has been pulled from a text book, the text is never formatted correctly. I personally hate reading on a screen in general, and when I am forced to scroll horizontally it makes the situation even worse. The obvious solution to this is to create a more narrow text, that would elongate it and eliminate the scrolling.

Although I understand that sometimes the format just malfunctions and there might not be a way around it, I think it is much more convenient for the creator to do all they can to fix this problem

The Broken Window Theory

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In my opinion, nothing stresses me out more when visiting a website, then when I come across a broken link. This is because usually, it is the only link I need on the page, or something I’m really interested in looking at. At my job over the Summer I did a lot of computer work, transferring files and uploading important documents. I remember a particular day when I was on the company’s homepage and needed to look up information about a certain client, the link, of course was broken. It was my job to call tech support and get the think fixed, but they were far too busy with a more serious problem, or so they said. For two days the link was down, and slowed down my productivity. The other people in the company seemed uninterested in the “broken” link, and couldn’t understand why it was so important. Every hour I decided to go back and check the link, only getting more and more frustrated with each failure.

Hello world!

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In WRA 210, I really hope to become an expert in the codes of websites. I feel like this is is really important for me to learn, because it is the basis of all web authoring. I think that once I become an expert in this technique, I will be able to excel in web authoring as a whole.

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